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Artists have represented the sky with contemporary considerations for centuries. Drawing on classical, historical, and contemporary art practices, the skyscapes address the collapsing of time, space, natural forces, and our place in nature.


Expanded Painting

Spatial investigations breaking from the conventional shapes and positions of traditional painting in response to optical and physical parameters.

Perrin Millard - Shifting Forms .JPG
Perrin Millard Convergence - A Spectrum
Transition of Light II.jpg



Responding to the perceived obsolescence of art methodologies, philosophies, and traditions by the modern and post-modern art canons. Encouraging dialogue around idea that objects hold value and carry the residue of the past, while questioning the future value of present-day art-work.


Examining how jewellery holds memories this work considers the relationship between artifacts and people, delving deeply into ideas of atemporality, inheritance, and nostalgia.
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