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Perrin Millard has an interest in multi-media including lead-lighting, sculpture, jewellery making, printing, drawing and painting. With a focus on the natural world, Perrin combines historical art techniques with contemporary art methodologies, collapsing boundaries between disciplines through expanded painting practices.

Artist Statement

Perrin reframes the way we view the changing face of nature, a multimodal exploration of elemental phenomena – evoking memory, emotion, and physical responses through the familiarity we have with our natural world. Over centuries of change, elements like the sky remain inherently unchanged by the passage of time, evolving yet ever present.

Utilising the freedom of expanded painting across digital and traditional media she interrogates this shifting acquaintance, by connecting contemporary painting practices with classical and art historical methodologies. Perrin works to create conduits between the viewer and nature as a means of addressing atemporality, spatiality, natural forces, and our place in the world.


      “Perspective Is not a sign of a particular moment in time but of a particular position in space.

         It indicates not the position of the object but the position of the spectator.” Jacques Rivière


2016 to 2020 - Life time membership, Golden Key International Honour Society.

2020 - Enrollment - Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Program, QCA, Griffith University.

2015 - 2019 Bachelor of Fine Art, QCA, Griffith University, painting major.

2017 - Guest student, University of Kassel, Kassel, Germany.

2017 - QCA Griffith University tour, Venice Biennale 2017 and Kassel Documenta 14.

2016 - Anatomy and Figure workshop, Keith Dewell (Julian Aston Art School).

2014 - Figurative workshop, Francis Giacco.

2013 - 2016 - Life Drawing and Painting tutoring, Scott Breton and Ryan Daffurn.

2011 - 2014 - Painting workshops, Todd Whisson.

2010 - 2013 Painting workshops, Paul Power.

2010 - Portrait workshops, Pir Tareen.

2008 - 2010 - Painting workshops, Dale Marsh.




2015 - until closed in 2016 - Brisbane Modern Art Gallery, Fortitude Valley.

Awards and Prizes


2020 - Finalist, Mandorla Prize (postponed until march 2021).

2019 - Finalist, Moreton Bay Prize.

2019 - Finalist, Brisbane Rotary Spectacular, Lethbridge Gallery.

2018 - Recipient, Academic Excellence Award, Bachelor of Fine Art, Griffith University.

2018 - Finalist, Lethbridge Gallery, Small Scale Art Prize.

2018 - Finalist, South Australian Museum Waterhouse Art Prize.

2016 - Recipient, Academic Excellence Award, Bachelor of Fine Art, Griffith University.

2016 - Finalist, St Sebastian's Art and Design Art Prize.

​2016 - Finalist, Royal Queensland Art Society, Biennial Queensland Figurative Award.

​2016 - Finalist, Stanthorpe Art Prize.

2014 - Finalist, Royal Queensland Art Society, Abstract Art Prize.

2014 - Recipient, Academic Excellence Award, Bachelor of Fine Art, Griffith University.

2014 - Recipient, Still Life Award, State Country Women’s Association Art Awards.

2014 - Recipient, People's Choice Award, regional Country Women’s Association Art Awards.

2014 - Finalist, St Sebastian's Art and Design Annual Art Prize.


2020 - Group exhibition, Hall and Wilcox Corporate Art Show (Sept 2020).

2019 - Solo exhibition, Convergence - Webb Gallery, Griffith University.

2019 - Group exhibition, Outside In - Holy Spirit Hospital.

2019 - Group exhibition Nue Latitude - POP Gallery, Fortitude Valley. 

2018 - Group exhibition, Outside In - St Vincent’s Hospital.

2018 - Group exhibition, Green - Percolator Gallery, Paddington.

2018 - Group exhibition, Expanded - POP Gallery Woolloongabba.

2017 - Group exhibition, Outside In - St Vincent's Private Hospital.

​2017 - Joint exhibition, New Ways of Seeing.

​2016 - Joint exhibition - New Ways of Seeing.

2015 - Group exhibition - Outside in Exhibition - St Vincent's Private Hospital.

2014 - Group exhibition - Arts for Benefits Annual Fundraiser.

2014 - Group exhibition, Outside in - St Vincent's Private Hospital.

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